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Replacing Scout Leaders

When the time comes to release a Scout leader and a new Scout Leader is called, the old Scout leader should continue to serve after the new leader has been called until they have completed Youth Protection Training, have registered as a new leader, waited 2 weeks for BSA to process application and complete a background check (during this time the new leader should start the position specific basic training), and are sustained in Sacrament meeting. At this point, the old Scout Leader is released in Sacrament meeting.

The old Scout Leader needs to be removed from both the District and the Council Scouting records.

The new Scout Leader should fill out the Zion District’s New BSA Leader Info, replacing the old Scout leader from District Records.

The Membership Coordinator on the Scout Committee (or Cub Committee) should send an email to the Council to change this released Scout Leader from their current position to a “Unit Scouter Reserve”.

Email: (and copy the COR and Scout [or Cub] Committee Chair) the following information:

  • Name of person being released
  • Their BSA member ID
  • Their old position
  • Tell them they are no longer serving in that position and request that they be changed to a “Unit Scouter Reserve”.
  • Identify you as the Committee Membership Coordinator, and identify that the COR and Committee Chair have approved this change and that they are copied on the email.
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© 2020 Troop 42 – Little Valley Scouts - Boy Scouts of America
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