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Adding Photos and Videos to Scoutbook

When you are completing various Boy Scout rank or merit badge requirements there maybe times when you need to follow the EDGE Method of explaining or demonstrating a task. This can be done on Scoutbook by posting a picture, video, or text comment. The Scout leader and/or merit badge counselor will see this video, picture, or text. To do this, after marking off the requirement, scroll down to the comment section. If you are are adding text, type your message and then click post.

Meanwhile, if you are adding an image or video you click on the camera. This will bring up a window that says “choose file” and “add a short title or note”. Click “choose file”. It will allow you to browse of the files on your computer/phone/tablet.  Simply select the one you want. If needed, you may put in a title or description.

This page was created by: Mikey C. of Troop 1751 for his Digital Technology merit badge.

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© 2021 Troop 42 – Little Valley Scouts - Boy Scouts of America
© 2021 Troop 42 – Little Valley Scouts - Boy Scouts of America
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