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Giving parents access to Scoutbook

Giving parents access to their Scouts in Scoutbook

You can add parents and guardians to each Scout account fairly quickly.

Go into each Scout record and click on the “Connections” link. On this page you can create what we call “Connections” to allow family members, friends, leaders and adults access to see the Scout’s records or to edit advancement. You create a connection for each person you want to give access to the Scout.

You can set different permissions on each Connection. For example parents should get Full Control or at a minimum Edit Advancement permissions to their Scout’s account. Full Control allows parents to help enter advancement for their son and invite other family members as well.

NOTE: Leaders still need to approve anything that gets marked off so there is nothing wrong with giving parents Full Control permissions to their Scout’s records.

Use the Global Search feature to see if the parent already has an account on Scoutbook. Search by name.

If the connection is not found then you can use the form to create a new account for the user. Scoutbook sends them an email containing a temporary password so they can login to their new account.

If you find them via the Global Search, Scoutbook will send an email asking them to Accept the connection request.

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© 2021 Troop 42 – Little Valley Scouts - Boy Scouts of America
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