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Add Merit Badge Counselor in Scoutbook

Add a Merit Badge Counselor in Scoutbook

Reminder – Prior to your Scout working with the Merit Badge Counselor they need to have a Signed Blue Card from their Scoutmaster giving his approval for you to working on that particular merit badge.

Login into Scoutbook. Select the boy you want to add the merit badge to. Under the Edit Profile section click on boy’s Advancement. Please note that you need Full Control permissions to add a new connection. Scouts with their own Scoutbook account are not able to do this as they do not have full control over their own profile.

If the Merit Badge you’d like to assign a Counselor to is already listed then select that Merit Badge. If the Merit Badge isn’t already listed, then press “Start Another Merit Badge” and find the merit badge you want to add. Either way your next step is the same. Press the Red button that says “Invite Counselor”

If the Merit Badge Counselor is already a Connection then simply Select that Leader. This will bring you to the Connection for that Leader. Ensure that the checkbox for “Merit Badge Counselor” is checked. Then check the box for the Merit Badge you want them to be the counselor for.

If the Merit Badge Counselor is not already a Connection then press Add. This will bring you to the Connections manager.

Add the Merit Badge Counselor to the Scout through search, click ONLY Merit Badge Counselor as leader type, and they only need View Profile, nothing else.  The fact that they are a merit Badge Counselor gives them the appropriate rights to approve merit badges.


Select the Merit Badge or Badges this Counselor will work with the Scout on.

Then press invite.

The Merit Badge Counselor will receive an email invitation to be their Merit Badge Counselor.

After the Merit Badge Counselor accepts the invitation, they will be able to Log into Scoutbook. Your Scout will appear in their dashboard and when they click on the Scout they will see only the Scout’s name and the merit badge or badges they are connected to the Scout to counsel.

When they click on the merit badge below the name, they will see the requirements for the badge.  If they click on the requirements they can approve them.

When all the requirements are completed, they can approve the badge.

After the merit badge counselor has approved the badge someone with leadership rights in the troop can then mark it leader approved (after the Scout has talked with the Scoutmaster at the completion of the merit badge process.)

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© 2021 Troop 42 – Little Valley Scouts - Boy Scouts of America
© 2021 Troop 42 – Little Valley Scouts - Boy Scouts of America
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