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Scouting can help young men and boys enhance their relationships with their families and the Lord while developing strong and desirable traits of character, citizenship, and physical and mental fitness.

If your boy hasn’t registered, he can’t join the fun! Click here to register.

Our Troop uses Scoutbook to record all advancements, including service projects, campouts, hiking, and service. Parents play a key role in Scouting and we want you to use Scoutbook with your son. If he has done service or worked on an advancement at home, mark it off! We have an extensive list of Scoutbook How-To articles.

If you aren’t on Scoutbook, talk to a member of the Scout Committee (if 11 and older).

No one is more invested in your son than you are. We are always looking for adult volunteers, to help on the Scout Committee, Cub Committee, and in the Troops and Dens. Talk to a member of the Scout or Cub Committee for details.

We want to get your boy started now!

Fill out a Youth Application: do this as soon as you can. ​
Why is it important to get this done? Your son will be earning awards fast, especially in cub scouting, but if he’s not yet registered he won’t be able to receive them. Past experience shows that this can be deeply disappointing to a boy.

  1. Troop registration
    Boys and YM age 10-17

[otw_shortcode_tabslayout tabs=”9″ tab_1_title=”Paper application” tab_1_content=”Paper application
If you would rather do a paper application instead of electronic registration, then please print a paper application.
Then fill out the application, sign it, and give it to a member of the Cub Committee or to a member of the Scout Committee

Click on the CONTINUE button under ‘New to Scouting?’
On the next page, click on ‘REGISTER A YOUTH’. Fill out all sections of the application. It will be sent to the Scout Committee for finalization. It is often a good idea to let them know that you have completed the application.”

If you recently moved in and your previous Pack / Troop used Scoutbook, we will need to move your son’s Scoutbook account into our Pack / Troop. We will need either you (the parents) or the previous Pack / Troop to do it.

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© 2021 Troop 42 – Little Valley Scouts - Boy Scouts of America
© 2021 Troop 42 – Little Valley Scouts - Boy Scouts of America
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